Anne is an accomplished voice artist, with work ranging from animated films, to commercials, to audiobooks.  Below you'll find her commercial and industrial demos, and further down the page are multiple audiobook samples.

Anne Damman Commercial Demo REVISED.mp3

Anne Damman Industrial Demo.mp3


Anne is currently in the studio recording several books.  Keep your ears open for these titles:

Deadly Means (Rachel Ryder Book 7) by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

The Stars of Heaven by Jessica Dall

Unexpected Defense (Ashley Montgomery Book 5) by Laura Snider

Audio Samples: Novels

Claire Barnes is shattered when her husband, Greg, goes on a business trip and never returns.
Unwilling to just wait for the police to find him, Claire conducts her own investigation. Her best friend Drew helps her look for answers, but all she finds are troubling questions.

Thought I Knew You.mp3

New to town and a little rough around the edges, Detective Rachel Ryder finds herself on the receiving end of a suspicious person’s call in Hamby, Georgia. When the call turns out to be a dead body, the medical examiner is quick to rule the death a suicide. But was it something more sinister?

Damaging Secrets_Sample.mp3

Jamie is a sixteen year old girl from Philadelphia, living in Provence for the summer.  Valentin is a local boy the same age.  He helps her navigate the local market, and they quickly become friends.  The book takes them on a treasure hunt through southern France, and includes multiple passages in French.

Aix Marks the Spot.mp3

Lady Brooke and Drake Kingston were childhood friends, and secretly in love with each other.  When they are reunited ten years later, sparks fly.  A Regency Romance with a good sense of humor, full RP narration.

Believe in Love.mp3

Michaela is an Arizona Ranger.  Sami and Josie are her daughters.  They are visiting Michaela's brother on the campus of the University of Arizona.  The book follows Michaela's investigation of a murder, and flashes back to the tragic deaths of her parents twenty years earlier.

Echoes in the Sand1.mp3

Chantilly Adair manages the local historical society in Castleberry, GA.  She can also see and communicate with ghosts, which leads her to solving mysteries in her spare time.  A light modern mystery with a lot of humor and a variety of Southern accents.

Praying for Peace.mp3

Audio Samples: Textbooks

Managing the Law_McInnes.mp3

Managing the Law, 5th Edition, by Mitchell McInnes.  This textbook approaches law from a business owner's perspective, dealing with contracts, regulations, etc.  The excerpt includes a discussion of the differences between moral obligations and legal obligations, and the way laws may change over time to turn the former into the latter.


Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, 12th Edition, by Joseph M Williams and Joseph Bizup.  This is a classic text on writing by a master teacher, and is popular in writing classes worldwide.  The excerpt features difficult technical language, clarified for ease of reading (or listening).  

Additional Titles

Stones on a Grave, by Kathy Kacer

A Woman Does It Better, a political satire, by "A Very Lucky Lady"

The Earl of Edgemore, by Amanda Mariel

The Undaunted Debutantes series, by Christina McKnight

Cora's Choice series, by V.M. Black

For the Love of a Widow, by Christina McKnight

Ladies and Scoundrels series, by Amanda Mariel

Heart Murmurs, by R.R. Smythe

A Midsummer's Day, by Heather Montford

Confessions of a Predatory Lender, by Irma Fritz

Love at the Sea Bluffs Lodge, by Devon Vaughan Archer

Multiple textbooks for Pearson and Pearson Canada, covering topics such as Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, and Humanities

Podcasts: Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Creators Syndicate, The New Republic, etc.


A Kiss at Christmastide (audiobook)

"Within her dialogue presentation, Ms. Damman turned Pippa from betrayed victim to survivor. Like an antique landscape come to life, the delivery added essence to an already magical romance." ~Isha Coleman, Audible review, Jan. 22, 2017

Confessions of a Predatory Lender (audiobook)

"A fine story well told. Anne Marie Damman's fine diction and subtle voice characterizations are the best icing on this story cake. Her pacing is perfect. She is a 5+ in my book, or should I say in my audio file?" ~Dennis Fleming, Audible review Oct. 16, 2013